Manufacturer: Bioventus, the USA.

Form of release: injectable solution 60mg/3ml.

Joints are very fragile parts of the human body. With time, the lubricant between the bones decreases, and the cartilages start rubbing, causing terrible pain. The human cannot enjoy life and activity because of the pain and discomfort in the knees. Fortunately, medicine offers a variety of injectable remedies to stop the pain. At myestheticsupplies.com, you can buy Durolane online, as well as many other brands: Bonviva, Crespine, Monovisc, Prolia, Synvisc, etc.

Durolane is a single-shot preparation, one of the best orthopedics products for the relief of pain in osteoarthrosis in the joints. The drug contains hyaluronic acid (HA – the natural lubricant between the bones), which is produced by the patented NASHA technology.

Durolane is a clear gel that contains HA in high concentrations. The injections of Durolane are performed directly into the knee joint and restore the decrease level of natural lubricant, cease fraction, and improve the function of the joint, preventing the pain and allowing the patient to live a full and active life again.

The impact is directed directly to the stricken joint;
The procedure can be repeated as directed by the doctor;
Helps to postpone or cancel the surgery and replacement of the joint;
Provides continuous pain facilitation for osteoarthritis;
The drug is administered simply and quickly;
Non-drug alternative to other remedies.
It is an original drug, which relieves pain in osteoarthritis with a single injection.

NASHA8 Unique Advanced Technology;
Confirmed Safe Use;
The long-lasting effect provided by the composition;
Significant long-term benefits for patients with osteoarthritis.
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